Bakersfield Clinical Hypnotherapy 
Nina Manny CHT

    Clinical hypnotherapy works within the same altered state of

consciousness that basic hypnotic programming is generally

administered through, but unlike simple programming hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy allows for a deeper understanding of the condition in order to actualize permanent change without the risk of transferring to another habit or behavior.

Going Beyond Basic Programming

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Beyond Programming!

~ Hypnosis for Health

Medical Issues, Chronic Pain, Cancer Treatment Support, Post Operative Healing, Alzheimer’s,  Childbirth

~ Hypnosis for Relief

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Sexual Dysfunctions, Phobias, Menopause Relief

~ Hypnosis for Addiction

Weight Loss, Smoking, Behavior Modification, Chemical Dependence

~ Hypnosis for Change

Confidence, Self Esteem, Relationships, Memory

~ Hypnosis for Guidance

Grief, Spiritual Connection, Past Life Regression, Between Life Soul Memory

Specializing in medical, dental and spiritual clinical hypnotherapy for adults and children.