Specializing in clinical and spiritual hypnotherapy for adults, teens and children.

    “We are far more powerful than we have allowed ourselves to believe we are!”  ~ Nina Manny CHT

    Gaining praise as a leading expert in the field of consciousness exploration, Nina Manny’s unique cognitive approach to clinical level hypnotherapy addresses the mind body and spiritual aspects of healing. Taking her clients much deeper than the commonly used scripted style of hypnosis facilitating permanent and rapid results.

~ Hypnotherapy for Relief

Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep, Childbirth Preparation, Overcome Trauma, Anxiety, Fear

~ Hypnosis for Addiction

Eating Habits, Smoking, Behavior Modification, Hair Pulling, Nail Biting, Clenching

~ Hypnotherapy for Change

Confidence, Self Esteem, Relationships, Exercise Motivation, Anger Management

~ Hypnosis for Improvement

Memory, Test Taking, Public Speaking, Sports Performance, Fertility Enhancement

~ Hypnotherapy for Guidance

Grief, Spiritual Connection, Past Life Regression, Soul Memory, Meditation, End Of Life

Going Far Beyond Basic Programming